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Buffy is an experienced Coaching, Training & Development Consultant and Certified Life Coach, who has worked for many years, in a variety of industries, ranging from Financial Services, Fostering, Call Centre to Manufacturing.

Buffy has worked with many different people, resources and attitudes. Throughout the many challenges Buffy has faced she has researched each challenge thoroughly, learnt robust skills for managing and effecting change continually supported individuals to achieve their goals in a realistic, fun and enthusing way.

Buffy’s passion is people and learning, and you will experience a fun, one of a kind learning experience that will enhance and develop your existing skills, ensuring progress to you’re next Life/Work goal.

”We will embark on a great adventure together. I will speak to you, think of you and work alongside you to achieve personal goals and dreams. I will look at you in terms of the huge potential you have and the amazing person that you are!”

I studied with the UK"s Leading Life Coach Charles Bentley Click here to download my Coaching Diploma

Wikipedia Definition of Coaching
Life Coaching will Consist of

Initial Relationship Builder Session - Getting to know each other, your expectations of Coaching, What we can achieve together and How we will work together going forwards

Key Information Capture - Name, likes, dislikes, areas for development, understanding of the issue/area/problem/challenge you would like to change/develop

Mechanics - Your choice of Daily/Weekly/Monthly contact through booked Coaching sessions. Location, Length of sessions, Who else may be involved i.e. Spouse/Partner/Siblings etc...


~ Fully confidential
~ Personal attention for personal issues.
~ Clearing the Fog of Daily Life and releasing your full potential

Un-locking your true potential through Cognitive Life Coaching
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