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Buffy offers a Life Coaching service where you can discuss and learn how to manage all sizes of challenges and issues that affect your daily life. Buffy will work with you to create your ideal life. Coaching moves people forward, in the direction, they choose to take. Buffy offers a service, which strives to positively affect your life, and the lives of those around you!

Please download Buffy’s Client Code of Conduct - which covers the rules of conduct for clients when entering a Coaching relationship with her:-

Client Code-of-Conduct Document

Buffy’s Life Coaching service offers to support you to achieve your personal goals in life, initiate positive change, or just take a much needed step forward in life. Between us, we will encourage:

~ Honesty
~ Openness
~ Challenging Questioning
~ Full Interactivity
~ Healthy Discussion
~ Action not excuses!

So that WE can:

Understand Behaviour,
Understand Different Perspectives,
Explore Reasons,
Understand effects and impacts of behaviours,
Make Informed Decisions to enhance your personal or working life


Talk openly and honestly
Take action and complete agreed objectives/goals
Challenge your perceptions
Look at different perspectives
Not find all the answers
Have differences of opinion and respect them
Reflect upon what you have learnt and use these new skills in our next Coaching session

Buffy offers a rounded service providing YOU with:

~ Someone to talk to
~ Someone to advise you
~ Someone to help you make well-informed decisions
~ Someone to help you organise how to take those decisions forward
~ Someone who will make you feel empowered and motivated

Business Blended Training Package

Training backed up by Coaching – At ripple effect we are able to offer custom written Training workshops that change cultures. Specifically focussed on improving key management and soft skills within a business ranging from Coaching for Managers to Assertiveness in the Workplace.

We also run Women only Workshops covering areas such as - Assertiveness for Women, Self-Esteem & Communication, Coaching & Feedback, Goal Setting and Work/Life Balance - please request by

Business is all about relationships. The more effectively you can interact and manage those around you, the more effectively you will achieve your business goals. Due to the many pressures, deadlines and ever-decreasing resources, it’s sometimes easy to lose sight of the value that can be gained in business terms, by training ourselves, and our managers to utilise the softer skills they possess.

Here at ripple effect, we believe that it’s not just about training in knowledge, it’s about training in specific behaviours and routine processes. Following that, it is about sustaining that knowledge and behaviour. So we offer:

Originally Written and Fully Delivered Bespoke Training packages, which take the opportunity to use real and existing issues within your business, to explore and put into practice theories, which will, through training and 1:1 coaching, change cultures, develop skills and more importantly make your people feel valued!

Following an eventful course, each delegate will be offered up to 3 individual (on the job) coaching sessions to back up their classroom based training, ensuring the skills learnt are being effectively utilised.

Getting the most from your Management Team includes Workshops in areas such as :

• Time Management – Planning what you need and when you need it

• Communication Skills – How to communicate what you need effectively and pass on the knowledge, you possess. This includes the need to explain what you are doing and why, a common link which is often overlooked

• Questioning – How to question appropriately and effectively to get the answers you need

• Assertiveness in the Workplace - How to get your point across Assertively, Learn to Say no without feeling guilty, dealing with aggressive people

• Coaching for Managers - Learn the importance of Coaching, Feedback, theory and practice, how Coaching can benefit you as a valuable asset to your business and the people you manage/lead/work with

• Delegation Skills – Effectively delegate so you can manage your own task list

• Negotiate with Others – How to negotiate in every situation to help you reach your goals, Negotiate a WIN/WIN outcome

• Influencing Others – How to promote your ideas in influential situations

• Leadership – How to lead a team to deliver key business objectives/goals/KPI"s/SLA"s

• Motivation Skills – How to motivate the people you manage and lead!

Buffy will help you to make much needed change in your life
Buffy will help you to make much needed change in your life

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