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Life Coaching 1:1 – “I would firstly like to deeply thank Buffy for the coaching sessions that we have had, the one to one sessions have dramatically benefited me and greatly altered my approach to life now. The sessions have been able to motivate me in ways that I did not believe were possible, at least for me. The issues that I once held have now been greatly diminished, and although some of the problems of my life may not come to pass, I have seen how these sessions have improved my outlook and attitude toward life.

I only held a handful of sessions with Buffy some months ago, but since that time (as well as during) I have been actively using and reflecting upon the techniques she has shown me to help with confidence and the way I present myself to the world.
During the first few weeks of using the techniques I could already see the dramatic benefits it was having upon me. I believe that because of the help of Buffy my life has certainly taken a better course, for now I feel better of myself.

A dim outlook on life due to my lack of confidence was slowly turning my life from bad to worse, if something had not been done then who knows where I might have ended up. But with the amazing help of Buffy I now have the confidence to do and accomplish things I would have never believed possible. She has been a tremendous help, and has created a dramatic change to my life. Showing me a way to broadcast myself to the world, how to receive the respect all of us deserve and are entitled to, as well as how to react in less than perfect situations, or in other words confrontations.

She has granted me with a new attribute that will always remain with me, so I thank you dearly.” -Mr E Baggley

Coaching for Managers Workshop - Hi Buffy,
Had a great day yesterday – thank you. I learnt a lot, genuinely, and I think more significant than that I felt uplifted! Taking time out of your daily work routine and thinking about yourself and how you can improve your own behaviour and appreciation of others is a great opportunity and infinitely more fruitful in terms of improving my productivity and those around me (those I interact with) than anything else I’ve done in quite a while! - Mrs Blakemore Project Mgr

Telephone Life Coaching - Iapproached Buffy after reading an article on Training zone and looking at her website, ripple effect, for some support with assertiveness.

After some communication, it became obvious that I had not set myself any goals or understood my strengths and weaknesses enough to be able to start from somewhere. So, my first exercise was to do a SWOT analysis on myself, with Buffys’ help. This was, for me, a revelation in itself. Although I’d heard of SWOT, I know now that I didn’t fully understand how useful it is.
Having identified some areas for development, we set about organising my time at work in the form of some time management exercises. I found the time log most useful (after getting into the habit of completing it!). Again, it became obvious that I was not managing my time as effectively as I could and actually wasting time being the social animal that I am.
An important factor in the success of my coaching experience was that it was never rushed. I always had plenty of time to reflect on what had been set, put it into practice and evaluate the results before we spoke again.
A real turning point was reading about an assertiveness exercise called DESC Scripting. Im not a massive fan of training models and the like but this really worked for me and was easy to start using straight away. Coupled with my growing interest in Transactional Analysis, I have developed language and communication skills which are having the most amazing effect. I no longer find it uncomfortable to receive praise; in fact I actively encourage it.

I can honestly say that I am much more confident at work, I have no doubt that I will be successful in whatever I do because I understand the importance of careful planning, time management and most of all, believing in my ability. Buffy has changed my outlook on life and Im confident that had I not approached her and listened to her, I would still be on the wrong road and maybe even going in the wrong direction! - Mr A Hemingway

Training Workshop - “I would like to say thanks for accommodating me for the last two days on your training course. I found it to be extremely useful and it has made me realise I need to change the structure and approach on a lot of my calls." -Sales Engineer

Life Coaching - "Practical, fair, there when you need her; are all things that can be applied to Buffy. She listens to what you are saying, remains impartial, but always has what’s best for you as her agenda.
I liked the way Buffy helped me with my problems by breaking them down into manageable steps that I could cope with. She gave sensible, practical and clear advice that I could follow and it really did make a difference."
Sometimes we all need an independent ear to talk to who doesn’t flinch from telling us truths which friends and family might shy away from. Buffy offers a unique service in that she is a critical friend who is available and able to help and support you to overcome deep fears that might be affecting areas of your life. She doesn’t let you down or make excuses and she expects the same in return.
Everything is handled in the strictest confidence with honesty and integrity.

Thank you Buffy, for helping me to see what is possible and for giving me the tools to achieve my potential." -Miss A Roberts

Sales Coaching - "I thought I was doing fine this month for my sales figures, however the training has made me realise I could be doing an awful lot better, not just for winning orders instantly but to win the customer over for future orders too.
I will start changing my questioning techniques with my teams starting first thing tomorrow as soon as I hit the phones!!
Sorry if I sound ecstatic, its just that in previous posts I have never had training this useful.
Once again thanks and look forward to future training.”-L James Director of Sales

Life Coaching - “Thanks Buffy, thank you for the coaching and all your help, you were a great help to me when I was going through that difficult time a few months ago. I think the help you have given me got me the job. I really appreciated having someone there to listen to my problems and help solve them, your advice in helping me to get the jobs I want will stay with me for life and hopefully this time next year I will be running my own water sports company or something I enjoy.
Thank you”-Mr E Rogers

Life Coaching & Workshops - “I have found the 1:1 sessions with Buffy invaluable in developing both my coaching and managerial skills.
The sessions gave me the confidence and support to be able to tackle both internal staff issues and external customer issues.
I will continue to use these sessions to further assist me in achieving my personal, team and company objectives.
I have also attended workshops which I have found to be informative, helpful and most of all fun to attend.Thanks for your continued support”-Mrs. J Jukes Customer Support & Project Manager

Life Coaching - “I think for most of us although we meet many people in our personal and working lives very few make lasting impressions, fewer impact our lives to any great depth, few people have the gift to make us feel comfortable about our apparent transparency to them. Even fewer offer such positive impact as to change us forever and make us delve deep enough to find such passion and power as to push us beyond the limiting beliefs we throw before ourselves.

I have worked with Buffy for some time now, I have done the workshops and the coaching myself and seen those that work with me benefit from them. I have also changed a great deal about myself for the better. Difficult it is to turn anger into peace, rage into calm, confusion into order, a dark present into a bright future. It’s not about re producing the theory it’s about true belief in what you do and understanding of who you do it for. A colleague, a mentor, a coach and a respected and well loved friend. Her greatest gift to me…………….

The understanding and strength to project out into the world what I want to have reflected back to me. Now which ever direction I look from life always makes me smile and is always smiling back at me.
A rare gift indeed, thank you Buffy”-Mr S Jahromi

Life Coaching - “Buffy’s continued support and coaching has enabled me to build a successful team. We have just had our best month to date and my team are happy, motivated and focused. Through coaching me and developing my skills Buffy has taught me how to coach my team members so as to bring out the very best in them. She has guided me in how to motivate my staff and how to conduct productive 1:1"s with them. Buffy"s life coaching skills are second to none she is such an asset and she has taught me so much.” - Team Manager

Training Workshops- “Buffy"s training courses are the most informative, helpful and above all fun, that I have ever attended!" -Senior Project Mgr

Life Coaching - "Her 1:1 coaching sessions have completely changed the way in which I manage my team resulting in a great team spirit and increased revenue.
She has also given me a much more positive attitude to both my work and personal life…” Ms G Price- Team Leader

Life Coaching & Workshops -"I was quite sceptical when I was told that I was going on a coaching course and I was unaware of how much this would change me.
After the course I have had several one-to-one"s with Buffy who has coached me to be me. This seems a strange thing to say but I was spending all of my time worrying about what others thought instead of what I think, and I have started to express myself more.
With Buffy"s help I have managed to shed a lot of baggage that I had after losing several very close members of my family in a short period of time.
Buffy coaches you into realising what is happening in your life mentally and physically is the journey to you being you, and then guides you to improve your own life." Miss L Brown -Call Centre Mgr

Training Workshops- "Buffy"s workshops and coaching are invaluable!”-Call Centre Director

Life Coaching - "Meeting and talking through my problems (work + personal) with Buffy has been one of those “halleluiah” moments, she his given me the strength within myself to tackle some of life’s tricky situations – something I never could see myself doing! Buffy has this terrific way of making you feel so positive and invincible that, after our sessions, no matter what, I feel can leave and face the world as a stronger, happier and more positive person.
Thank-you Buffy you are truly a one off, amazing person!” -Mrs S Leahy -UK Sales Training Mgr

Life Coaching & Workshops -"I’ve got to say that without a doubt this was the best coaching/training course I have attended anywhere, which includes all the courses I have been on in my sales career, spanning now over 12 years and includes a variety of Spearhead & Dale Carnegie Sales Training Courses.
As you know, I am already implementing the new coaching skills and knowledge in my day to day routines, with successes and benefits already being seen in some of my coachees.
As usual YOU delivered the workshops in your normal open, fun, friendly, concise and fair style.
A very sincere thanks once again, I would recommend this course to anyone who either coaches now or expects to in the future." - Mr D Wilson - Systems Engineer

Life Coaching - "I found the coaching sessions, both in a group format and in a one-to-one scenario, very beneficial at work and in my personal life. It has enabled me to deal with any personal issues that I used to have immense trouble with. The most important aspect of the coaching for me was that it really made me believe in myself which I am very appreciative of" - Mr R Taylor

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